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NEW WORK: Event Production Company Total Branding

I have had the absolute joy of working with the super-fun ladies over at Reinventing Events since 2012, and we’ve done great work together. They brought me on right as they were getting ready to launch, so they needed everything: … Continue reading

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Coming Out: Embracing Your Quirks Can Help Your Business

This month, Word Carnival carnies are exploring our own freakiness and how we use it to build stronger brands – and how you can do the same! As soon as we’d chosen the theme, I knew exactly what I wanted … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Color: 12 Major Examples

Color fascinates me, and it’s nearly impossible to tell how much of that is because i don’t see colors the same way most people do. As a designer, i pay attention to how things are colored (because that’s almost always … Continue reading

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