Special Rates for Non-Profits

Special Rates badgeI believe that non-profit organizations and community groups are an important part of our culture and community, and you work extremely hard to realize your particular vision of a better world. You also tend to struggle with the recognition which attracts donors…so I believe that excellent, consistent visual identities are vitally important to your success. A logo and identity package can quickly convey the intent, purpose, or energy of the organization, and give you something to build community around. That consistency and recognizability builds the legitimacy that makes donating and investing feel stable and safe!

I’m happy to offer graphic design & social media marketing services to non-profits & community groups at a $10 discount off my regular hourly rate! I’d love the opportunity to help you do your good work.

If you’re a business member of MOBAA logo, enjoy $5 off my regular hourly rate!

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