Postcards & Mailers

postcard/mailer for earth charter awards Ventura-based non-profit Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions gives awards annually to community leaders who exemplify and further the principles of the Earth Charter document, and while I served on their Board I had the honor of designing this invitation to the 6th annual event. This design was formatted in slightly different versions as a standard mail piece and as an email attachment.

class schedule card for tucker adams yogaThe class schedule card for Tucker Adams Yoga came to me as files created by another designer, and my task was to craft a new layout for the evolving and updated information using the visual identity – colors, shapes, symbols – already established. Making the sheer volume of information fit on the card and still be visually appealing was a challenge!

gift certificate for snowboarding tripThis was created as a personal “gift certificate” for a friend, utilizing publicly available imagery from the internet. What a fun way to make it look official!

postcard/ad for beyond warThis ad for the Beyond War organization – highlighting their longtime collaboration with Physicians for Social Responsibility – required a graphic file-type update of the very old (photocopied!) logo, so that it would appear clean and crisp…and could be used again with much greater ease.

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