Photo Scanning & Enhancing

Your old photographs aren’t going to last forever. I can help preserve them with digital scanning and enhancements!

Almost everyone has one: a box or chest full of faded, aging photographs. Family memories. Personal history. These keepsakes are slowly deteriorating, and before they’re too far gone, we can preserve them by creating digital copies. We can even bring a little of the life back into them if needed.

Photo Scanning - ORIGINAL vs ENHANCED

Your photos will be handled individually and treated with care at my office in Ojai.
Large-volume, high-speed photo scanning services cannot process photos that are tiny, adhered to album pages, curled or bent, etc. Since I will be placing them individually on a flatbed scanner, I can accommodate photographs in any condition and up to 8″ by 10″. Within 2 weeks (14 business days) of receiving your photos, I will return them along with an archival-grade DVD or flash drive containing your digital image files.

Scanning photos costs $0.50 ea.
Photos will be rotated so that they display in the correct orientation right away, and batch-named so that you’re not trying to sort unintelligible number-names like IMG008749.jpg.
Additional services available include:

  • High resolution. By default, your scans are created at 300dpi, which is print-quality. Higher resolution images can be zoomed in further or enlarged, for example, and take longer to scan. +$0.10 per scan.
  • 2-sided scanning. Many old photographs have hand-written notes on the backs, which often include names and years. If you want that original commentary preserved, we can scan both sides. +$0.50 per scan.

Scanning and enhancing photos costs $1.00 ea.
Enhancing involves the same process and quality for scanning, with the same additional options. The basic enhancing operation includes the following:

  • Adjusting the contrast of the image so that darks are darker and lights are lighter. This alone will often make images look much better, reveals lost details, and can make faded text readable again.
  • Adjusting the color saturation to bring faded colors back to life or to remove colored casts that old photographs sometimes have.
  • Minor clarity adjustments to sharpen blurry images, if needed.

Restoration such as repairing tears, cracks, marks, or folds are available at an hourly rate of $50/hr.


Additional Options:

  • Images delivered on archival-grade DVD: included
  • Images delivered on a flash drive: +$10.00
  • Additional DVDs: +$12.00 ea
  • Slideshow of your photos: Includes one title screen with text of your choosing, and a fade transition between each photo. This will be burned on a separate DVD tested on multiple devices, ready to play at your gathering or event. This requires a lead time of at least 2 weeks prior to the event: +$50.00

I will personally pick up your photos, scan them within 2 weeks, and deliver the originals and digital media back to you. If you’re outside Ventura or the Ojai Valley, you’re welcome to ship the photos to me at your cost.

Contact me now to get started on your photo preservation project!

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