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The logo design process is rich, collaborative, and takes time to be done right. I want this to be something that we create together, with your best interests and my best skills and insights combined.
Logo design costs $500 for 4 rounds of revision, and you should expect at least 4 weeks to completion.
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Completed Logo Design Projects

Echoes of Opal logoEchoes of Opal - black logoJamie Kohler of Echoes of Opal: Altered Vintage & Design titles herself a “Curator & Stylist”…intentionally vague but oh-so-true. Named after her grandmother, her business is about repurposing vintage items, making ordinary objects into art, and decorating interior spaces. Her logo needed to feature the enigmatic portrait of Opal, as well as incorporate Jamie’s favorite colors, admired shapes, and very carefully chosen fonts. The logo looks pieced together with intention, with just enough mirrored elements to reinforce the “echoes” part of the name. The black version should work well as a rubber stamp or window decal.

Logo for Herb Walks with Lanny KauferHerb Walks with Lanny Kaufer are interpretive walks and hikes in the Ventura County, CA region with an emphasis on edible and medicinal plants. Timed alongside a new website and e-newsletter, Lanny’s new logo needed to convey fun and a natural feel without appearing aloof or cliché: the combination of the organic main font called Cowslip, offset by the more serious Eurostile for the secondary text, seemed to fit the bill. Since he IS the brand, the main element is a hand-drawn illustration of Lanny which I made using many photographs as reference. This was an amazing and intimate process of studying and deconstructing the human face, as well as requiring technical proficiency with Photoshop brushes.

Baby Belle Bottoms logo When Baby Belle Bottoms expanded the scope of their cloth diaper accessories business, a new logo was planned to go along with their redesigned website. We began with a text listing of ideas and values that we wanted the logo to convey, and took that through MANY concepts until we had a clear, pure vision of what the business is about.

VHBY-25-logo-finalThe Ventura Harbor Boatyard is celebrating their 25th year in 2011, and this local one-of-a-kind boat repair and upgrade facility wanted a logo to use for various events and promotions associated with their silver anniversary. The logo includes a digital re-creation of a hand-illustration of their original boat “Just Love”, and the banner/ribbon is something i hand-drew and then digitized. The lettering (numbers) in the banner were also done by hand. The big bold “25” was originally done in a brushed metal look that proved too industrial, so we went with the solid black in a font that makes that particular number hint at the shape of a boat. Check out my video of how i colored the rope that rings the center emblem.

Fellows logo on blackorig logo sketchLocal Realtor Martha Fellows started out with a strong concept of the traits and philosophies she wanted to communicate with her new logo, and a rough sketch made by her own daughter! We finally arrived at just the right balance of realism (see the faint texture of oak leaves and bark?) and illustration, and I was excited to take photographs of local oak trees for use in that process.

VVIS logo I’m excited to have worked with “Ventura County’s only Veterinary Nuclear Medicine Facility” to create a logo that’s bold and captures what they do on many levels. They were both very clear on what they wanted to convey, and open to how it was done…it wasn’t just me submitting art for a thumbs-up or -down, but an engaged process where they were able to provide valuable direction as we went, which I love. That process really makes the Ventura Veterinary Imaging Specialists‘ logo something that they and I created together.

logo design, lotus flower + ankhClean, simple, and with a client so very clear about exactly what he wanted, having done lots of looking around on his own at designs he did and did not like. (Perfect!) This logo was done entirely in Adobe Illustrator CS5, and was my first real, if simple, use of the new gradient tool. Reverend Manny’s vision of the ankh growing right out of the lotus flower worked so naturally, with just the faintest touches of color. For the business name, i chose a typeface that seemed to balance professionalism with personality, is easy to read yet almost has cursive qualities from the serifs which lead from letter to letter when they’re pulled in close to each other like this. “Ora Et Labora” (Latin for “Pray and Work”) is in a slightly distressed script font, alluding to its poetic and ancient characteristics.

See this logo “in action” at www.reverendmanny.org.

Banyan Elementary School logo designBanyan Elementary School PTA needed their logo refreshed to help kick off their online auction fundraiser, and this is the result! This new design was applied to several accompanying web graphics, some of which are still online HERE, although the auction – which brought in over $11,000! – has ended.

original and refreshed logos comparedThe San Buenaventura Friends of the Library only had a photograph of their original logo, taken of a t-shirt! That image appears on the left, faded and distorted. I did a full refresh of their image as a clean digital file that won’t deteriorate, and will be used on their newsletter, website, and more!

STBEX front logo sketchSTBEX logo back sketch
From these two sketches, I designed front and back graphics for tshirts worn on this annual pilgrimage to Sin City:STBEX final front logoSTBEX final back logo

logo for Tag Team Pix sports photographyTag Team Pix is a husband and wife team that specializes in sports photography and action photos, so their logo needed to incorporate those ideas and convey a casual and fun attitude. This artwork was created almost entirely in Illustrator, which means that it can be reproduced at any size without getting pixellated!

custom label for organic apple sauceMy wife and her best friend found a source for apples in 2007, and went canning crazy. They asked me to design them some labels, and this is one of those. Here again, as in the disc golf tournament image, the scrollwork is hand-drawn and scanned, then manipulated and arranged in Photoshop. At that time, getting the text to follow the curves of the scroll was a little tricky…today it’s much easier.

Locavore Project logoA year-long project to only eat foods produced within 100 miles of home was inspired by Barbara Kingsolver’s book “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”, and I produced this logo for them very early in the project using garden images supplied by the organizers. The project was renamed Eat Local One Year in 2009 and Locavore Lite in 2010, so this image was barely used. Creating the “windows” through the letters was a fun Photoshop feat though.

Coyote Classic disc golf tournament logo The Coyote Classic disc golf tournament is great at branding each event with a different theme, and when they went medieval, they asked me to design them a coat of arms. This was largely a Photoshop project which even included drawing the bottom scroll by hand, inking it, and scanning it in. This art was printed grayscale on tshirts and other promotional materials.

VCCOOL logo thumbnailVCCOOL logo 2
I submitted these two logos to VCCOOL when they asked the community for art to grace the cloth bags they’d be producing. I love finding visually fun and efficient ways for text to interact, and these logos taught me a lot about Adobe Illustrator!

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