Identity & Branding

Starting from scratch? Need everything from logo to biz cards to letterhead?
Let’s do a whole branding package!

A new business or a fresh visual identity needs attention to being sure that all of your materials are putting a consistent visual and message out into the world. Bundling these services saves you money, too.
Contact me today to get your complete branding package started!

Completed Branding & Identity Packages

identity package for ashly piano craftsThis example of an identity and branding package includes letterhead, business card, mailing envelope, and appointment reminder card, all featuring a new custom logo.

New packages often include a brand-new or revamped logo, although they don’t have to. Part of the beauty of packages like these is that they’re quite scalable, meaning that they can be only one or two items if that’s all that’s needed and used, or if many types of print and web applications are involved the brand can be applied to them all!

identity package for sb county bar assnThis package shows a custom logo and cohesive theme on a mailer, letterhead, and business cards. The page in the very back is called a style guide, and it outlines the fonts, colors, and spatial relationships of the logo, so that it’s accurately and consistently reproduced and used in the future.

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