DESIGN: Political Campaign Graphic Design

Ojai FLOW's "Flowbie" character

Ojai FLOW’s “Flowbie”

In 2012, I was hired by Troy Becker to do political campaign graphic design for his non-partisan effort. He was vying for a spot on the local water district board, and was supporting another water-related legal effort that was the inspiration for our color scheme and overall design. Once we nailed down the colors and overall look, it became mostly a matter of formatting the newly created brand and its content to a wide variety of sizes, formats, and media. This included website and Facebook banners, print newspaper ads, cardstock doorhangers and business cards, printed magnets, paper flyers and inserts, plastic yard signs, and more.

Political campaign graphic design

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NEW WORK: Custom Calendar Design for Ojai Art Center

Please enjoy this custom calendar design I did in late 2013 for the Ojai Art Center, in anticipation of their 50th-year celebration! The January-to-January calendar featured work by local artists. I was surprised at the logistical effort of setting up 13 months worth of grid and daily numbers. It was also a diplomatic and educational challenge to wrangle photographs of the artwork…an opportunity to bridge the gaps between fine art and digital design.

All artwork is property of the respective artist, and is not to be copied or printed without written permission from the artist.

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NEW WORK: Custom CD Labels for 12th Birthday

Abigail's 12th Birthday CDIt’s fun to have the birthday girl on-hand to help with creation of her annual CD! For my daughter’s 12th, I took the photo of her without telling her exactly how I would use it…she was confused and intrigued. She also wrote her own name on a scrap of paper for the top right corner of the cover, and I printed out the track list in jumbled order and had her connect them like a school assignment for the back. When she got some wrong as I’d hoped (she had only chosen some of the songs herself…the rest she didn’t know yet), I “corrected” them with a red pen! Even though chalkboards are rather archaic, the whole thing has a cute, simple school feel to it.

How about custom CD labels for your next special event?
They make great party favors for birthdays, weddings, etc. Contact me today!

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