Custom CD Labels

Need a unique way to commemorate your special event, with unforgettable party favors?
Try custom CD labels! Package includes:

  • Design of the graphics and text
  • Round disc label
  • Square sleeve label
  • Track list label
  • All the printing
  • Application of all the labels to the discs and sleeves
  • Shipping direct to your door

The discs arrive blank…you burn your custom tracklist onto the discs, and you’re ready to go!

Exact prices are calculated with each order, varying by quantity and current postal rates.
It’s best to allow a minimum of 3 weeks from initial contact to receipt of your custom CDs.
Contact me today to discuss the best party favor you’ll ever give!

Past Custom CD Label Projects

Custom CD Label - Child's 7th BirthdayNoa’s 7th birthday custom CD label features a photograph of her and a cutesy title that’s a play on her middle name, Mae.

Fourth Birthday CD design
For Catalina’s 4th birthday CD’s, which feature songs that she loves and were given away as party favors, I used four of her trademark silly faces as the main theme, colored with Photoshop filters. I altered the letters of her name so that the last A is a number 4. The green for the 4 is sampled directly from her eye in one of the photos.

Custom CD Label - Child's 11th BirthdayAbigail’s 11th birthday disc labels were completely hand-drawn, with the names of the tracks being turned into silly banter between two cartoon characters. Her name provided a fun opportunity to work her age right into it.

Noa's 6th birthday cd labelsNoa has really become more confident in her kindergarten year, and she’s really into gymnastics. Her 6th birthday cd is titled “View from the Top” (done in the so-popular-it’s-almost-cliché-already Lobster font). I enjoyed playing with the perspective here and the concept of “up”, since the image, title test, and year icon are all facing different directions.

Catalina's 3rd birthday cd labelsCatalina’s third birthday disc is titled “Thrice Around The Sun”, and along with being a collection of her favorite songs from her first year as a preschooler, it has a sun/space theme throughout the tracks. The main graphic here is a composite of five different images, with some hand-drawn elements as well. I imagined it as a thick cardboard drink coaster, maybe at a space-themed pub.

Abigail's 10th birthday cd labelsAbigail got her very first custom birthday soundtrack when she turned ten. She was so excited about being “double digits”, so the design is rather clean and understated with a big bold numeral filled with her smiling face. Since the design was so minimal, I went for placing the track titles on the disc, but in a scattered or piled kind of way. This is not only fun visually, but carries the practical feature of allowing the text to be a little bigger since long track or artist names don’t have to fit from one edge of a disc to the center. It’s also a metaphor for Abigail’s messy room. :)

Noa's 5th birthday cd labelsThe “soundtrack” of my daughter Noa’s fifth year is titled “A Strong Wind Comes From The Sea”, after the native Egyptian meaning of her name. Although the track list label on the back features a photo of her at the beach, I opted for a more conceptual interpretation for the front and disc, and found this great tilework image that did the trick nicely.

Custom CD graphics thumbnailCatalina’s 2nd Birthday – I’d had the concept for Catie’s second birthday party soundtrack in mind for quite some time before I sat down with a box of crayons and started drawing. The original artwork is about 15″ tall, so it was scanned in two pieces and put back together digitally, then isolated from its construction paper background and combined with text. The deep pink color of the “2” and some of the track listing text on the back was sampled directly from the balloon, and the monster drawing was used throughout, including on the disc labels.

custom cd labelsNoa’s 4th Birthday – Noa means “free” or “freedom” in Hawaiian, so that was the theme of her fourth birthday soundtrack disc, featuring songs that she has loved in her fourth year, and given as party favors to her guests. I took loads of photos at two locations before getting the one I used, which really captures her full and healthy personality as part-time princess and part-time superheroine. That imagery almost makes the red-white-and-blue palette seem subtle. The disc label carries the same imagery and the sleeve’s back label is a track listing.

Custom CD labels for child's first birthdayCatalina’s 1st Birthday – Several themes carry throughout the custom CD package for Catalina’s first birthday: The front cover image of her smiling, chocolate pudding-covered face is sampled on the disc label, and a close-up portion is used as the background for the track listings label. The text theme of bold run up against normal-weight is found both in the title and in the track listings themselves, where the bold song titles have no space from the regular artist names…in fact, no spaces between the words at all! I was surprised at how acceptable the readability still is. Here again, as always, the challenge of arranging linear track information onto a round disc presented itself: in this case, I tried a radial layout, which forces the text to be rather small so that the longest line will fit. I am continually surprised at how small text can be and still be read with some ease.

Custom CD labels for child's birthday partyNoa’s 3rd Birthday – The theme of Noa’s third disc was “Movement”, which is the Hebrew meaning of her name. I altered a photograph that I took of her running so that she remained clear, but the background has some motion blur. This imagery is reflected on the disc label, of course, although this time I kept it bold and clean by leaving off the track names and artists. For those I made a small label that was affixed to the back of the sleeve.

custom wedding disc label graphicsAndréa and David’s Wedding – This custom CD label was for Andréa and David’s wedding soundtrack, which featured songs played at the event, as well as favorites selected by the couple. It was given as thank-you gifts to their wedding party and others! The project required touching up the photo (which was not originally optimal for this use) and creation of a mini-logo to keep the branding consistent. The ornate ampersand used in the logo is reflected at low contrast in the backgrounds, and the rough text (Bear Paw is the font name) reflects the couple’s “rough edges” and the hard road that brought them to their joyous day.

custom cd label graphicsNoa’s 2nd Birthday – In Arabic, Noa is a name variant of the word for “light”, which was the theme of her second birthday disc. The format remains the same – a recent photo combined with thematic imagery and colors – and so does the challenge of fitting linear track information onto a round disc. I sampled the pink used in various places directly from the pink in the hat she’s wearing.

custom cd disc and sleeve labelschild's birthday party invitation cardNoa’s 1st Birthday – This disc was themed “Love”, which is loosely the Japanese translation of Noa’s name. The mailed reminder postcard carried the same theme, and started with a hand-written marker version, which was scanned and then colored in Photoshop.

custom cd disc and sleeve labels for teen birthdayNikol’s 16th Birthday – This disc was a party favor for Nikol’s guests…some of the artwork was supplied by the birthday girl herself, and the theme was created around that. One of the special challenges of designing disc labels is finding a way for the information to fit onto a circle with a hole in the middle!

custom cd disc and sleeve labels for teen birthdayAlex’s 13th Birthday – When Alexandria turned 13, I found out a lot about her interests in order to create these custom disc and sleeve labels that suited her style and tastes, and complimented the collection of songs she’d put together. The colors of the stripes were sampled directly from the four characters on the cover. These discs were given as party favors to her friends!

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