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Everything I Know About Business I Learned From Tony Stark

Ok, not EVERYTHING. But when it comes to biz advice, genius billionaire playboy philanthropist Tony Stark is not a bad place to start. First, a little background for the uninitiated: Tony Stark is a comic book character, created in the … Continue reading

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Communicating Love in Business: Colors & Imagery

I decided to break from writing about small business strategy and actually speak from my own biz context: I’m a graphic designer after all, not a marketer per se, so what can I share about love in a business context? … Continue reading

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Where’s My Motivation? 4 Things To Do When You Don’t Wanna Do Anything

I knew this post was coming. I knew when the Word Carnival would be, and I could have calculated the exact date that this article was due many months ago if I’d needed to for some reason. (We’re that organized, … Continue reading

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