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Be memorable with a business card that’s attractive AND communicates clearly.
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You supply the firm handshake and winning smile, and your business card does the rest. Make sure your contacts remember you by giving them a piece of cardstock that tells who you are and what you do, with clear ways to get in touch with you.
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Completed Business Card Design Projects

psychologist business cardWorking with some colors and graphics established earlier in a tri-fold flyer I’d designed for her, psychologist Beverly Januszewski and I created her business cards to make use of the power and subtle feminine energy of purple. (Some more on color associations here.) It’s complimented by images of nurturing and children, indicating the kind of energy she brings and the demographic she serves.

custom business card design for Maura Raffensperger, YourCSO.comYour Chief Simplicity Officer,
Maura Raffensperger, was refreshing her branding and launching some new email and office organization and productivity products, so it was time for some new business cards to support those efforts. We kept the design clean and meticulously organized (consider the context, after all!), and on the back we grouped all of her contact info on the left and put a QR-driven special offer on the right.

business card design with foil accents, for John Michael Daniel John Michael was drawn to using the mystic and powerful properties of purple, visually representing the duality of traditional professionalism and heart-centered creativity, and the use of foil accents! This was a first for me, so we worked with the great folks at Ojai Printing & Publishing to choose just the right color and get a personal tour of the process, which involves the creation of a custom metal die just for the foil portions. The foil itself has a heat-sensitive adhesive on one side, and is pressed onto the paper with heat and pressure. It’s permanently bonded, with only a tiny amount of “embossing”! The foil turned out to be a great effect: full on, the color is like a deep orange or bronze, but when it catches the light just right…POW! The back of the card is a full-color, full-bleed (color printed all the way past the edges, then trimmed to size) detail from an actual tarot card.

Business card front and back for Robert Wenzel Collage artist Robert Wenzel needed business cards to accompany his new website, so we used the same background image that his site uses and a swatch from one of his collages (also used in the site’s header) to create the card. The back was left mostly blank – although colored – on purpose, with the URL text color sampled directly from the swatch on the front.

Go Be Social Media business cardsJennifer at Go Be Social Media needed business cards to go along with the new logo I’d designed, and she needed them in time to attend a conference! One side is white with the business info on it, and the other is glossy black with her personal contact info and echoes of the main logo imagery.

Ventura Vet Imaging business cardsAfter I’d designed the logo for Ventura Veterinary Imagining Specialists, we applied it to their business cards. As is common, we had to make decisions regarding how to group the various pieces of contact info into intuitive/rational groups and placements, which often falls along the lines of offline-versus-online. On the back we just blew up and faded back the main logo element as a background for the main contact info.

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