About Me

evan austin photograph portraitMy name is evan austin, and I’m a freelance graphic designer and social media helper living in Ojai, California with one wife, three kids, two dogs, three cats, and a Roomba. A 2007 graduate of Santa Barbara City College, I like to “design from the inside” by learning as much about my client’s world as I can so that my visual solutions reflect their identity. Personally, I enjoy designs that put images or words in new contexts, usually to encourage new thinking about social issues, and I believe that the process is as important as the product. I design using Adobe Creative Suite 5 (Photoshop, Illustrator) on a MacBook Pro, sometimes with the help of a Wacom Intuos 3 digital drawing pad.

I grew up drawing by hand, and before I even knew that “graphic designer” was something a person could be, I had created original drawings, logos, and other promotional designs for friends and organizations. Most notably, in high school I created internal graphics for a music department fundraising effort and a logo that was printed on tshirts and used for several years. I also hand-drew the school newspaper’s first recurring comic strip, and created several logo and promotional designs for the Peer Mediation Program. Outside of school, I drew a logo-style element for the market where I worked, which was printed on tshirts.

After high school, I attended Ventura Community College for several semesters, exploring art and not satisfying any specific degree program. I especially enjoyed still life and figure illustration, working both in pencil and charcoal. After a couple of years spent working in the aerospace field, where I learned to manage both time and people, as well as produce some technical drawings by hand (which were then finalized into blueprints by engineers), I returned to school, this time at Santa Barbara City College and with a specific degree in mind. Some of the portfolio work on this site was completed during that period.

During my last semester of college, I had the opportunity to intern with professional graphic designer Andrew Engel, where I assisted in producing line art and color comps for DVD packaging for animated feature films, CD book graphics for a local musical group, gift card and brochure graphics and layout for a local car wash and water vendor, and more. I was exposed to an incredible process that often began with hand drawings and physical objects being photographed or scanned, and creating graphics from those real-world sources rather than entirely within the computer. This process and revelation continues to inspire my designs today.

Personally, I design logos and graphics for diverse projects ranging from the social activism community group I started in 2005, to my daughter’s birthday CDs. I have uploaded original designs to custom printing sites, and have worn and sold unique clothing items. When I’m not designing things, I work as an independent social media marketing consultant and teach computer- and art-related classes at a local charter school. In my spare time, I sleep.

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