NEW WORK: Custom CD Labels for 12th Birthday

Abigail's 12th Birthday CDIt’s fun to have the birthday girl on-hand to help with creation of her annual CD! For my daughter’s 12th, I took the photo of her without telling her exactly how I would use it…she was confused and intrigued. She also wrote her own name on a scrap of paper for the top right corner of the cover, and I printed out the track list in jumbled order and had her connect them like a school assignment for the back. When she got some wrong as I’d hoped (she had only chosen some of the songs herself…the rest she didn’t know yet), I “corrected” them with a red pen! Even though chalkboards are rather archaic, the whole thing has a cute, simple school feel to it.

How about custom CD labels for your next special event?
They make great party favors for birthdays, weddings, etc. Contact me today!

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