Just Released: “Precious Little Monster” Custom CD Compilation

Catalina's Birthday DiscIn my family, we’ve been keeping up a tradition of creating a totally custom CD to give as party favors at birthday parties. The disc features around a dozen of the birthday girl’s (I have 3 daughters) favorite songs, and the disc and case labels are all custom designed by me. My daughter Catalina just turned 2, and I’d already conceived of the “Precious Little Monster” theme the year before, so it was easy to sit down with construction paper and a bin of crayons and create this little monster on the first try.

Ready for the cuteness?: Click to hear Catalina sing the ABC’s

The original drawing is about 15″ tall, so I scanned it in two sections, then put it back together in Photoshop. The bold drawing isolated really cleanly from the construction paper background, and I just put it back onto a solid color digital background so that it would be bright and the edges would go as far as I needed. I sampled the deep pink directly from the balloon I’d drawn, and used it in the “2” on the front and for the song names on the back. The monster appeared on the front, back, and on the disc label.

My family and friends have come to expect these gifts at each birthday! They are also really nice snapshots or time capsules of my kids’ interests and development.

I can help make your next occasion memorable too! Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, or any other life event…a custom CD with unique label and case graphics can be a real treasure. Check out my other custom cd graphics, or contact me now.

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