My Website Sucks! On-Air Site Review by my friends Annie & Nick

My friends Annie Sisk of Stage Presence Marketing and Nick Armstrong of WTF Marketing have teamed up on a cool new venture at, and I’ve let them tear my website to pieces live on internet radio!

Thanks to The Numbers Whisperer™ Nicole Fende for hosting Annie and Nick on her radio program:

Listen to internet radio with SmallBizFinance on Blog Talk Radio

Is your website awful too? Nick and Annie can help! Their cut-to-the-chase, no-nonsense reviews are designed to be effective and actionable without being unkind or overly technical, and they’re backed up by many years of combined experience plus loads of research into what great websites are made of. :)

What you get:

  • A quick questionare to clarify your branding
  • Two live-recorded screencasts from Nick and Annie exploring your website with a fine-tooth-comb
  • A 25-point analysis and checklist of recommended improvements and resources
  • A 15 Minute follow-up Q+A on your site

Intrigued? The price is just $149.
Even better: the first 10 people who sign up pay only $99.
Go there. Tell ’em evan sent ya.

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One Response to My Website Sucks! On-Air Site Review by my friends Annie & Nick

  1. Annie Sisk says:

    Glad you thought it was useful, Evan! But your website most assuredly does NOT suck, dude! Thank you so very much for allowing us to use you as our demo site – you get MAJOR points for bravery!

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