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Communicating Love in Business: Colors & Imagery

I decided to break from writing about small business strategy and actually speak from my own biz context: I’m a graphic designer after all, not a marketer per se, so what can I share about love in a business context? … Continue reading

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Your Brain Likes Shiny Blue Things For A Reason

As water is so necessary and precious to the preservation of life, humans are inexorably draw to lustrous surfaces because they are connected in “ancient memory” to bodies of shimmering water. Color combined with luster is an irresistible lure. i … Continue reading

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Meaning of Color: 7 Concepts and Terms to Know and Love

A while back, i posted 12 examples of the meanings that are somewhat-commonly associated with certain colors, based on an article in Smashing Magazine. Today i present part 2 of their series, which lays out terminology for communicating accurately and … Continue reading

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