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There IS Facebook After Life…

This information appeared in my April 2012 email newsletter, and was inspired by my wife’s aunt Michele Balfe, who died on the evening of April 17th. Previous to that, i had helped to memorialize the account of her sister, my … Continue reading

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Step 5 of 5: Find Your Higher Purpose

This is the last part in my series sharing my notes from Tara Hunt’s book “The Power of Social Networking”, which i found very influential. The previous parts were: Turn the Bullhorn Around Become Part of the Community You Serve … Continue reading

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Your Brain Likes Shiny Blue Things For A Reason

As water is so necessary and precious to the preservation of life, humans are inexorably draw to lustrous surfaces because they are connected in “ancient memory” to bodies of shimmering water. Color combined with luster is an irresistible lure. i … Continue reading

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