NEW WORK: Poster for “Harvey” Play

Harvey poster - letterOne of the first applications for the Nordhoff High School logo that I designed was posters for one of their first theater performances. “Harvey” is about a man who has an imaginary friend who happens to be a 6-foot-tall rabbit. The poster comes off understated; simplistic and grayscale. I made these design decisions after reviewing how other productions of the same play had done their posters over the decades, as well as keeping the visual muted to reflect the time period it portrays (Harvey was written in 1944). I stayed away from other productions’ tendency to insert rabbit ears into the text somehow…some came off as clever, but most seemed silly. The play is deceptively silly, but with a dark and serious commentary beneath. I felt as though the presence of the rabbit shadow was intriguing enough without making the title look silly as well.

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