Creative Caffeine: Swiss Army Sunglasses

caffeine-for-the-creative-mind-250-exercises-to-wake-up-your-brainToday’s randomly-chosen creativity exercise from Stefan Mumaw and Wendy Lee Oldfield’s “Caffeine for the Creative Mind” is titled “I Wear My Sun-Survivor-Goggle-Glasses At Night”, and is described as follows:

Sunglasses have become essential pieces of any trip out into the daylight. From designer eyewear to cheap grocery store plastics, sunglasses are vital to all glare-challenged surface dwellers. The problem with sun glasses is that they’re so one-dimensional. All they do is keep sunlight out of your eyes. Nothing else.

Until now. Your challenge today is to create the perfect pair of sunglasses. Think “Eyewear meets Swiss Army Knife.” Create a pair of sunglasses that have as many cool, useful gadgets and functions as you can think of. Either draw out this prototype or simply write a narrative. The only restriction is that they still need to keep sunlight out of your eyes!

Here’s mine:
CCM - sunglasses sketch

Care to have a go at this exercise with me? Scan your drawing or narrative and email it to me, and I’ll post it on my Facebook Page in our Creative Caffeine gallery!

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